Every stage in the life of your product is an opportunity.

From raw materials, through supply chain and manufacturing, there are opportunities to reduce the impact of your products. Within the installation and use of your product, there are even more opportunities to improve product performance. Let us help you discover these opportunities.

Improve the lifecycle and characteristics of your products, or launch a truly green product line. If you produce, manufacture or distribute building materials, we can help you.

Ways we can help you
  • Add our experience to your Advisory Board to help shape your products and operations. We sit on the advisory teams for dozens of companies.
  • Let us design a new, green product line or collection for you to produce and distribute. We'll help you launch that green product or service you've been thinking about.
  • Improve the sustainability of your product lifecycle, supply chain or operations, and uncover ways to save money (at the same time).

Approach and Process
Product Lifecycle Every material or product has a birth and a death. We'll help you change all that.
Opportunities to Explore No matter what your business, we can help.

Research Areas

The focus of our research efforts continually expands as we target new topics annually. For cutting edge data on renewable energy, sustainable redevelopment, and more, explore our industry intelligence.

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