Setting a goal to make the world a better place.

organicARCHITECT offers internships to two lucky students each semester. Since 1999, we've hosted dozens of incredibly talented and passionate students from around the world. Not all were Architecture majors. We have no requirements other than a willingness to learn and a desire to work toward making the world a better place.

Several interns have returned after graduation to work with us full time, though we encourage you to seek out new experiences. Interning here is a revolving door that is always open to help provide lifelong advice, mentorship and support. Past interns have already gone on to make their mark on the world, and we love hearing back from them.

Interns shadow Eric to every meeting, every site visit. Interns are not expected to carry out grunt work. We don't want to give you a view from the bottom, but rather a view from the top, so you can see firsthand how a sole proprietor, visionary practice operates. This expands on a tradition of mentorship established by Frank Lloyd Wright.

"We can easily forgive a child
who is afraid of the dark.
The real tragedy of life is when
men are afraid of the light."

- Plato, The Republic

To the Student of Architecture:

You are here because you are searching for something. You are here because you are not finding it in the schools and are left feeling unfulfilled with "higher" education. I know because I was just like you. I know because I receive letters from great individuals like you every day telling me their complaints with schools and their disillusion with the building industry.

One of the things that boosts my excitement about the future of Architecture (and our environment) is knowing that others share this vision that we can produce positive change in the world through design. Indeed my views (expressed on this site) are not popular among mainstream architects or universities. But in disregarding the mainstream, you will find a wealth of resources available to you.

Perhaps the most important responsibility you have is to not squander your talents. Your life will be filled with tempting offers from people asking you to give up on your dreams. The world will not miss another mediocre architect or designer. Therefore, you should push yourself and your talents towards creating something new and beautiful. Otherwise, there is no point to your continuing this path.

You are about to become part of a long tradition of artists and architects. You are joining the long list of individuals who did not simply accept what the world offered them.

Several Individuals working away with passion can correct 500 years of bad decisions. Knowing that they exist helps motivate me. Each connection you make will lead you to dozens more, from books to study, people to meet and things to observe. I would like to help you make these connections.

If you are a talented, free-thinking nonconformist, I would like to work with you. If you have a vision but are otherwise unappreciated because you are "too young or inexperienced", I would like to work with you.

My congratulations to you for questioning the world and seeking to make it a better place.

If you have read this far, then perhaps you would like to continue further > > >.

- Eric Corey Freed

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